The Lincoln Navigator is a full-size family car that offers cutting-edge technology for short trips in Panama City or lengthy journeys nationwide. The Black Label models of this luxury SUV are available in several themes at Bay Cars, including the Chalet, Yacht Club and Destination.

From the 12-inch LCD instrument cluster to the 10-inch LCD infotainment touch screen, this high-end Lincoln model flaunts class-leading technology at every corner of the cabin. Passengers have personalized entertainment options in the Lincoln Play system that includes headrest-mounted displays, which measure 10 inches. Compatible with Slingbox, HDMI, SD cards and Lighting, the signature entertainment console is ideal for long family road trips. The deluxe Navigator also boasts a 20-speaker sound system by Revel Ultima. You could customize the acoustics of this sophisticated sound system by selecting one of three modes. Music options that may be selected from the SYNC 3 touch screen include iHeartRadio, Pandora and SiriusXM Satellite Radio.



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